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Aleutians East Borough

The Aleutians East Borough, formed in 1987, is a municipal government composed of six communities: Akutan, Cold Bay, False Pass, King Cove, Nelson Lagoon, and Sand Point. The Borough provides governmental services that include planning, project management, capital projects, fishery support, and tax collection. The Borough boundaries encompass 15,000 square miles of isolated, wild and beautiful land and sea. The Borough serves a year-round population of 3,141, with large seasonal increases when seafood processors bring in employees. Commercial fishing and seafood processing are the heart and soul of the region and the driving force of the area’s economy.

The Aleutians East Borough is responsible for providing public access between the community of Akutan and the airport, approximately six miles away.

For more information regarding the Aleutians East Borough please go to: www.aleutianseast.org.

Maritime Helicopters

Maritime Helicopters has been in business since 1973 supporting the marine, petroleum, construction industries as well as State and Federal agencies. Maritime Helicopters operates a fleet of aircraft, which includes a Bell Jet Ranger, Long Ranger and 407 models. They own and operate their own vessel, the 86-foot “Maritime Maid” which is equipped for helicopter operations. Their vessel and helicopters have operated from Homer throughout the Arctic, Western Aleutians and Southeast Alaska.

For more information regarding Maritime Helicopters please go to their website at www.maritimehelicopters.com.